Prepare Your Child for Success

As responsible adults, our obligation to children is to encourage and support their development as they grow into capable, self-advocating, and self-sufficient individuals. Unlike traditional schooling that limits growth by focusing disproportionally on delivering content and judging results, the Logos Academy program is centered around building skills and evaluating processes.
Logos Academy PDX incorporates subject tutoring and standardized test prep into a holistic approach to developing productive study and executive functioning skills that help students transition into increasingly challenging academic and professional settings. Both in-person and online tutoring options are available.
There is infinite beauty inside your child, waiting to be realized and shared with the world. Give them the tools to unlock their potential. Open the door to a world of possibilities and prepare them for success.


About Me

Growing up, I was an American at school, a Russian at home, and a redheaded Japanese everywhere else. In 1997, I reinvented myself as a fearless Israeli and served three years in an elite signal intelligence unit as a trainer and project manager.

After trotting the globe for several more years, teaching in places like Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Paraguay, and backpacking in Southeast Asia, my interests in media and politics pulled me to complete a degree at Princeton University. Today I'm married with two dogs in my new favorite home ever, Portland, Oregon, where I prepare youth for successful academic and professional careers.

Josh LeBlanc-Shulman Language Coach