Academic Coaching & Tutoring

As responsible adults, our obligation to children is to encourage and support their development toward self-advocating, self-sufficient individuals capable of following their hearts and achieving their dreams.
Traditional schooling limits independence and growth by focusing disproportionally on delivering content and judging results. Logos Academy PDX offers online and in-person subject tutoring and academic coaching that prepares students for success by building on their strengths and teaching them to achieve any goal with effective planning, organization, time management, and communication skills.
Education Success Formula

There is infinite beauty inside your child, waiting to be realized and shared with the world. Perhaps it's your inner child that has never been given the chance. Give them the tools to unlock their potential. Help them fulfill their destinies.


About Me

Born and raised in Japan for twelve years, I was a know-it-all American at school, a gloomy Russian at home, and a confused redheaded Jewish kid everywhere else.

In 1997, I reinvented myself as a fearless Israeli and went on to serve three years in military signal intelligence to help save a country plagued with trauma and anger from plunging into a black hole.

After trotting the globe from Siberia to Paraguay as a telecommunications trainer and amateur anthropologist, my fascination with the power of the Word pulled me to complete a political theory degree at Princeton University. I'm now married with two dogs in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, preparing for what's next.