Academic Tutoring & Executive Function Coaching

As responsible adults, our obligation to children is to encourage and support their development toward self-advocating, self-sufficient individuals capable of following their hearts and achieving their dreams.

Traditional schooling limits independence and growth by focusing disproportionally on delivering standardized content and expecting uniform results. Logos Academy PDX offers online and in-person coaching that helps youth understand and realize their unique strengths, teaching them how to achieve any goal with effective planning, organization, time management, and communication skills.


About Me

Born and raised in Japan by Russian-Jewish parents, I attended American and Japanese schools. Following a family move in 1997 to Israel with minimal knowledge of Hebrew, I graduated with honors from a public high school and went on to serve three years in military intelligence. My growing passion for bridging cultural divides and fostering peace then propelled me to complete a Political Science degree at Princeton University. Today, I live with my wife and two dogs in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a proud graduate of Marydee Sklar's Seeing My Time program for executive functioning success.